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Inspirational Wall Art By Rachel

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Hey Crafty Friends, Rachel here and today I have some super cute Inspirational Wall Art pieces to share with you that I created using Papercakes Slay It Girl Collection.

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team.

Before I get into what I have created, let me tell you the back story and inspiration behind them….

So, for ages now, I have had so many ideas rolling around in my head of what I want to do, where I want to go, what projects I want to make etc. etc. I am sure some people will be able to relate, being a ‘creative’ we are always on the lookout for our next project idea. Seeing inspiration everywhere. Which is great, but it can get a little overwhelming. I have lists everywhere; in my planner, in my journal and in random notebooks with hundreds of idea’s. The only thing is, that’s where they stay!

Recently I went on a solo hiking trip, sort of like a pilgrimage, to do some soul searching (I am a hippy at heart), so I had a lot of time to think and re-evaluate my goals and what I want from life. When I got back, I gathered all my lists together and started organizing them. After narrowing down my ideas and really thinking about what I want to do…I made a plan of action!

But sometimes ‘plans of action’ isn’t enough, I needed something big and bold, something that I would see every day to remind me to stay on track (I often get distracted, oh look there’s a butterfly!).

So I had the idea of creating several wall art pieces to place right in front of my work space…and what better collection, then the Slay It Girl Collection to do this with. It’s in the name, right! I am a girl that what’s to SLAY her goals!

So let’s get started…

Firstly I simply enlarged the 3 x 4 ‘Boss Lady’ journaling card to fit into an 8 x 11 sized picture frame…

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team. www.serenabee.comSecondly, I created a wall flag with a 12 x 12 piece of coloured card stock with the quote ‘She Who Dare’s Wins’ in the middle with the gorgeous flowers from the Slay It Girl collection around it like a wreath.

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team.

Thirdly, I created a banner that spells out SLAY with a paper from the 8 x 8 papers.

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team. www.serenabee.comFourthly, I created an 8 x 8 canvas wall art piece with some papers from the 8 x 8 papers and added some paper flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts in a heart shape in the middle.

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team.

And last but not least I created a 6 x 6 canvas wall art piece with the quote ‘Work Pray Slay’ in the middle.

Insprational Wall Art By Rachel. Paperakes design team.

If you would like to see them all together in their glory…I have made a quick video showing you them in more detail here;

Now every time I look at my wall, I am reminded of my goals. It’s like a huge vision board. Each piece represents a different goal. And every time I look at my wall I am going to be reminded of them! You should make your very own inspirational wall art, remember it’s never too late to set goals. 

Much love

Rachel xx 

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