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Frosty Winter Luminary DIY -Snow Day Collection

diy diy luminary luminary made by annie papercakes design team papercrafting snow day snow day collection


winter luminary. Papercakes Design Team

Hello everyone!

Annie here for the Papercakes Design Team to share with you my very first project of the upcoming winter season. Because I've been so inspired this season by everyone's fabulous decor for their homes and craft rooms, I felt motivated to make something festive for my own crafty space. I love, love, love the ambiance of flickering candles and the warm and colorful light provided by a Christmas tree. So, my idea for creating a fun, winter-themed luminary with Serena's adorable imagery was conceived.

For this project, I have used Serena Bee's new holiday collection, Snow Day, for the patterned paper and items from her Snow Day element sheet.

So... let's get started!

 What you'll need:  

  • A clean glass jar (lid is optional- I used a repurposed BBW candle jar)
  •           Patterned paper printed on a transparent medium (I chose vellum)
  •           Holiday dies, die cuts, or cut files from an electronic cutting machine
  •           Mod Podge or another strong-bonding, spreadable liquid glue
  •           Glue gun
  •          An applicator brush or sponge
  •          A tea light candle or battery operated tea light
Optional: epsom salts, glitter ribbon, glossy accents, Wink of Stella

    Once items are assembled for your project, you'll need to make sure that you have a design in mind. I fussy cut my die cuts from the Papercakes elements sheet by hand, but you if you have access to a cutting machine with a print and cut feature, you could use that, as it can be a time saver. I also ran my sentiment of choice through my manual die cutting machine with a thin metal die from Lawn Fawn.

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    I started to arrange my die cuts how I wanted them to be adhered on the jar. Mod Podge is not a particularly forgiving adhesive with vellum, so it is important to know your desired layout before you start adhering things.

    Step 1

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Cut your patterned paper to fit the circumference of your jar. I used a regular paper trimmer and had no issue cutting the vellum, but scissors would work fine also. The paper I used was not wide enough to fit around the entire jar, so I cut two pieces that will overlap slightly. I did not find that the seam was overly distracting.

    Step 2

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Pour a small amount of Mod Podge or liquid glue of your choosing on disposable plate. Then lightly brush a thin coat of the adhesive on the exterior of the jar. (I am choosing to adhere the glue and paper products to the outside of the jar because you would not want to put a real tea light inside and have anything ignite - Yikes!)

    Step 3

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Quickly apply the vellum paper to the Mod Podge on the glass. It will immediately want to curl or bubble. Do your best to apply the paper straight and begin to smooth any wrinkles that may develop. I held light pressure to the seam until I was confident that it would begin to curl away. 

    Step 4

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Begin to adhere the die cuts to the vellum lined jar. Move quickly and know where you plan to place the items because you may not be able to adjust them, as the glue dries very fast.

    TIP: Because the die cuts were on cardstock, I used my finger to round the die cuts so they would adhere easier to the rounded jar. I also applied light pressure to the items, once placed on the jar, to form a stable bond.

    You'll now start to see your cute, winter scene coming together!

    The finishing touches:

    The following steps are optional but can really make a difference in the final product.

    Step 5

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the lowest quarter of the jar (not the actual bottom of the jar). I chose to apply mine in a wavy line to simulate a rolling snow bank. Then roll the jar in the epsom salts so that it sticks to the newly applied glue. This give the jar a frost or snow-like effect and looks really pretty when illuminated. You will have a little drop off, but if the glue is applied well enough, it should be minimal. I'm sure there are spray sealers that can be used to prevent any drop off, but my luminary has held up just fine.

    Step 6

    If your jar has a lid, use a hot glue gun the adhere glitter ribbon to the lip of the lid.

    I used the Wink of Stella pen on the cute snowmen and the presents to add some extra sparkle.

    I used Glossy Accents to give certain die cuts some added dimension. I used it on the snowmen eyes and the heart.

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team

    Add your tea light and light up the luminary. Then turn out the lights and enjoy! 

    So, here's the final result! What do you think? Is this something that you may think about trying? I'd love to get your feedback. And if you're reading this far, thanks for following along and, as always, happy crafting!

    winter luminary DIY. Papercakes Design Team 

    Warning: Never leave a candle unattended while in use. Please use caution and observe your tea light's specific burn time. Do not place your luminary anywhere near anything that can catch fire. Please keep the candle out of reach of children and pets.

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